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The ancient taste

This ancient mean evo  village   some km from the sea of Bordighera, rich of ulivo trees and vineyards, with tightened carrugi(small road between the houses)    places setting, small square and houses leaned, gives lthe impression of impenetrable country. However this Liguria village had to be defended from the saracene raids. In the june of 1565 it was admiral of the fleet Ulug Ali to attack Vallebona. The village founded probably in the Middle Ages, become of  Counts of Ventimiglia subjected that it to 1686. From  such given it joined with others eight municipalities, Bordighera, Borghetto Saint Nicol├▓, Camporosso, Saint Biagio, Sasso and Soldano, to the Magnificent Community   of the Eight Places, independent but under the control of the Republic of Genoa. In 1797 with the advent of Napoleon in the territories of the republic of genoa, that it caused the  institution of   Liguria Republic, Vallebona was subordinate to him. In the 1815 country it will then make part of the Reign of Sardinia and of the Reign of Italy.
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